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Elsword Celebrates Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year

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Kill3rCombo has announced a variety of new events in Elsword to celebrate both Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year.

Each of the six Elsword character have been paired up with another.  Players who equip a special title and team up with the paired character to run dungeons can earn special items.  Cupid will also make random appearances in dungeons, causing enemies to become easier to dispatch.  This will allow players to conquer the hardest dungeons faster, in turn letting them level up quickly.

A special event will also take place where players can win dates with their favorite GM.  While on their date, players can feel free to take the GM into instances, or just have a nice stroll around town chatting.

Lunar New Year celebrations will bring about a host of various new and rare items.  Themed items like dumplings and fireworks can be found in the dungeons, allowing characters to defeat their enemies quickly.  Players can also explore dungeons together with their families, receiving special cubes that house very rare items.

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