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Kings and Legends Launchs New Server

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To celebrate a successful open beta, Just a Game has launched a brand new server for Kings and Legends, named Vel’Assar.  In addition, details have been revealed about new cards and game modes that are coming in the next few months.

The beta test surpassed all expectations, and the competition for the best players have been quite intense, according to developers.  One of the upcoming modes will be an additional PvP Tournament with decks specifically formed for the mode.  All players will choose from the same pool of cards, and put together a deck of 30 to compete.  This is an attempt to level the playing field, and challenge experts to think outside the box with card combinations.

A new PvE weekly challenge mode is also in the works.  Players have the week to progress through a series of challenges, each more difficult than the last, to receive various rewards as each tier is completed.  Fifty challenges in total are going to be available, truly testing your skills at deck building.

Booster packs are also going to be made available, themed across the races available.  These boosters will add a variety of different units with different abilities for each race to allow a greater diversity of tactics.

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