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Dungeons & Dragons Online’s ‘Cloaked in Darkness’ Update is Now Live

DDO - CLoaked in Darkness -image

Daybreak Games and Standing Stone Games have officially kicked off October in Dungeons & Dragons Online with their newest update. Entitled “Cloaked in Darkness”, it brings a series of features to the game. Cloak Customization is in the game, allowing players to customize their character with a wide variety of visible cloaks. For a limited time, players can also visit the DDO Store to claim their “Ranger’s Cloak” using the code “GETCLOAKED”.  The “Night Revels” festival is also making a return, and players can journey to new, spooky dungeons and defeat the Spectral Dragon in an all-new adventure. For VIP members, access to a new raid and new elf variant, the Wood Elf, is included in membership. Check out the release notes and assets below to learn more about this update. The full patch notes can be found in the link below.

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