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Dungeon Fighter Online to patch on Nov 19

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Nexon has announced that Dungeon Fighter Online will be undergoing maintenance during November 19th, 12 AM – 5 AM PT.

The update will patch the servers with many bug and localization fixes, and add new 2nd series avatars while retiring many 1st series avatars.

The Original Announcement:

Dungeon Fighter Online Game Server Update

Dungeon Fighter Online will be undergoing a client update on 11/19/09. This update will affect all game servers and will last approximately 5 hours. The DFO website will not be affected during this time.

Patch Details

Time: Thursday November 19th at 12AM PST to 5AM PST.
Change List:

–          New avatars! Some of the 1st Series avatars have been removed and the 2nd Series of avatars has been added! For a peek at what the new avatar series looks like, click HERE.

–          Fixed a crash related to equipping the following level 40 set items. These items can now be safely equipped:
– Conjuring Tempest Shoulder
– Conjuring Tempest Belt
– Conjuring Tempest Boots
– Platanic Combatant Belt
– Platanic Combatant Shoulder
– Platanic Combatant Boots
– Arti Marpissa Belt
– Arti Marpissa Boots
– Arti Marpissa Shoulder
– Musing Regalia Mantle
– Musing Regalia Sash
– Musing Regalia Shoes

–          Block User option now also blocks you from seeing their chat bubbles.

–          Avatar bonus now properly displays on the rewards screen after clearing a dungeon if you are wearing avatar items.

–          Fixed a crash when trying to discard an item that is being disassembled

–          Personal Shops can now have names longer than 4 letters

–          Corruption on the pots progress bars has been fixed

–          Changed the PVP arena type “Individual” to “Brawl”

–          When setting up a Personal Shop, the button named have been changed from “Deposit” and “Withdraw” to “Add” and “Remove”

–          The message when completing the first Tutorial mission no longer reads “You have received a New Epic Quests”.
It now properly reads “You have received a New Epic Quest”

–          The Character creation screen no longer references the “Male Gunner”, but now simply says “Gunner”

–          The dungeon “Frost Mirkwood” is now properly named “Mirkwood Frost” on the dungeon map.

–          The onscreen tutorial text now properly points to Lorien Forest rather than just “Lorien”

–          The Item shop welcome message now properly reads “Welcome to the DFO Item Shop”

–          The title item “Kanna’s Slave” now properly reads “Canna’s Slave”

–          Purchasing the Arad Trading License now properly displays that you are only buying 1

Please note that maintenance time is subject to change and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience.

– Arad High Council –

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