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Dungeon Blitz Online Review

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Written by Ojogo

Dungeon Blitz is a free to play browser-based flash MMO. It was released last year by Blue Mammoth Games and is of the side-scroller genre. You take control of either a Paladin, Rogue or Mage and set-out to reclaim the land of Ellyria as decreed by your King. The game is pretty solid but also suffers a bit from being on the generic side. All in all though, it is worth taking a stab at. Let’s get down to it!

You are the dungeon crawler

Dungeon Blitz Review 1

Too bad this name was taken. I had to go with Miguelez.

For a free to play game, Dungeon Blitz offers their players a lot of options to customize their characters. Beyond the ability to change your looks at the start, the game also gives you eight character slots to work with. Once you’re done creating your character, you get to jump right in on the action.

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The tutorial is very intuitive and is meshed-out quite well. You fight it out with Goblins and a Kraken on your way to the land of Ellyria. You get to see how battle works right from the get-go. You use the WASD or Arrow keys to move your character and you press the spacebar to jump. Your attacks are controlled by your mouse-clicks and they vary between ranged and melee depending on your proximity to the enemies. Skills are activated by pressing the corresponding numbers assigned to them as seen on the action bar on the right of your HP bubble.

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Action here is actually fast and easy. Each dungeon can be finished in a group or by yourself and each instance can last from 5 to 10 minutes at most. The graphics are crisp, simple and are easy on the eyes. The sound is standard at best but at least it doesn’t grate the ears.


I said at the start that this was an MMO. Dungeon Blitz was developed with the idea that players can just randomly team-up as they bump into each other as they progress into the game.

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When I played the game, I did get invited into a party but the names of the characters were utterly… random. I also couldn’t trust the words popping-up in my chat box because they seemed to be quite nonsensical. I was plagued by rogues of different colors and with weird names and all throwing their ranged attacks at the air. Their behavior reminded me more of AI bots than actual players. Could they just have made bots to make it seem like the game is populated? I have no evidence but I do put forward this idea.

Since the game is so easy to get into, the quality of people you’d meet is that of a free-to-play game. The sheer randomness of the people you meet however breaks the monotony of dungeon grinding and adds a little “flavor” to your in-game misadventures.

Dungeon Blitz Review Verdict

Verdict: Good

Dungeon Blitz plays like a standard side-scroller RPG. You hack and slash your way through the world and quests. You get XP, loot and gear. You get to craft items and aim your sights at completing each and every quest the game throws at you. But unless all that sounds appealing to you, Dungeon Blitz may fall flat. The gameplay can get repetitive as each mission is only more of the same. There are aspects to the game that make it more fun such as trainers that can provide skills specific to the area your quest is in. Zone bonuses if you will. They cleaned up the system well in the sense that you will only get items specifically for use of your characters class. You are also given your own HQ in the game in the form of a keep that you can maintain.

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A big boost to this game though is that it is not a “pay to win” kind of game. You will be able to access everything you need to play and progress in the game. You are also given the option to keep upgrading your equipment via the use of Dragonore which you grow in your HQ. The Mammoth Idols which is the virtual currency used in the game nets you accessories more than anything. It enhances your game experience yes but they aren’t necessary in playing or finishing the game.

On one hand, you have a game that’s riddled with tons of game-themed cliché and snappy dialogue that makes your adventures fun; on the other hand you have a grind fest action-adventure MMO that sometimes would make you ask why did you even bothered to play. However, Dungeon Blitz is great for literal blitz games. This isn’t the type of game that most people can get engrossed in for 10 hours per sitting. It is casual and welcoming but lacks a strong hook to keep people playing. Given everything though, Dungeon Blitz isn’t a bad game. I heartily recommend it to casual gamers everywhere who are looking for a simple side-scroller that is reminiscent of the old school Dungeons & Dragons games you may find in the arcades of old.

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