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The West Celebrates Valentine’s Day

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From February 14-17, InnoGames celebrates Valentine’s Day in the frontier role-playing browser game, The West. Players will have access to a special Valentine’s quest, and solving it results in special rewards. And because even cowboys need a little love, romantic roses will replace weapons in the duel system during the event.

The new quests will differ according the characters’ sex. Coinciding with the celebration of love, all those players who renounce violence in the name of romance will be rewarded handsomely. To do this, western heroes must find 3 bouquets of red roses during jobs. These can be equipped for duels instead of weapons, and if both duel opponents do this, the pair receives extra skill points.

In addition, a new item set featuring cupid-inspired swag is available in the shop. The set increases the amount of flowers that can be found for duels. Bouquets can be used until February 20th.

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