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DragonSoul announces launch plans

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DragonSoul went into open beta in December, and is now preparing for its launch plans.

The publisher, Neonga, plans to officially launch DragonSoul in early 2012. The launch will introduce a new class, the Bard, which offers a solid second-row support role. The game will also introduce new mounts, pets, instances, and in-game events.

Neonga also publishes A Mystical Land and World of Ants.

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DragonSoul: Outlook for 2012

New Class: Bard, New Pets and Mounts, lots of new Instances and Events

At the beginning of December, the PvP MMORPG “DragonSoul“ ( open beta was launched. Since then, more than 180,000 gamers registered to enter the battle for dominion over the eight kingdoms. In the beginning of 2012, the new free-to-play MMORPG will leave open beta status to be officially launched. This will come along with some great new features.

A special highlight will be the new class: The Bard. Team players will enjoy this one greatly as no group is perfect without the help of the bard’s useful supporting skills. The Bard prefers fighting in second row and can thus open up a new tactical level to the PvP oriented MMORPG.

Right now, players can already choose from about 300 pets and mounts, but the new year will bring even more new and exclusive companions. In the upcoming year, with new instances and in-game events, DragonSoul fans will be offered more and more new challenges. More details on Bards and other add-ons will be published in the upcoming weeks.

Players are welcome to take part in the open beta at

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