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BIG Update of “Legend of Edda: Global Edition” will unveil on Oct 22nd

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JC planet has revealed the forthcoming update of “Legend of Edda: Global Edition”. According to the JC Planet, this update has been planned on Oct. 22nd which is 2 weeks ahead of schedule to answer the player’s expectations.

Features of the new expansion are new instances, areas, systems, level cap open and etc. with various useful cash items. Among these contents, endless sacred war and Raid would lure almost of MMORPG players. Especially Sacred war system has been set to hold every time without suspension. Also, newly added raid system of Dragon’s Nest was ranked one of the most adventurous systems in the update by Edda team. Moreover Level cap will be increased up to Lv.50 would give a chance to challenge your spirit of adventure through whole of the game.

Also, Halloween event is on a queue to celebrate Edda style’s spooky and cute nights for all players.

For the full story, please check the official Legend of Edda: Global Edition website.

Ed: The date has been corrected to October 22.

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