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Holiday update arrives in WindSlayer 2

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Wind Slayer 2 has just released a special holiday-themed update that also includes a new PvP twist.

Players will find snow falling in any village, and can find Christmas Trees in these towns to collect stockings full of gifts (including ones that increase abilities). The item shop has also added dozens of new premium items with a holiday twist, including a reindeer pet and a Santa costume.

Finally, players are treated to a new PvP mode, Capture the Flag. In this mode, players will compete to capture their opponent’s flag, or eliminate the opposing team, before the clock runs out. If neither team succeeds in these goals, the team with the most kills will win.

Wind Slayer 2 is published by Ignited Games, which also publishes DarkEden and Rosh Online.

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Capture the Flag


WindSlayer 2 Becomes a Winter Wonderland with Latest Update

Snow, Swordfights and Feisty PvP Mode Capture the Christmas Spirit

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. Dec. 22, 2011WindSlayer 2 fans will enjoy a white Christmas, as Ignited Games adds a touch of holiday cheer to its fast-paced, 2-D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), along with a new player-versus-player (PvP) mode – Capture the Flag. All gamers – naughty or nice – can sign up to play WindSlayer 2 for free by visiting the game’s official website, and can access a slew of new goodies through the in-game item shop.

The content update adds a variety of holiday content in addition to the PvP mode, including:

  • Capture the Flag – This new competitive game mode puts a team of players in a race to capture the opposing team’s flag or take out all the opposing players before the time runs out in order to win. If neither team has lost its flag or been annihilated, the side with more kills wins.
  • Christmas Event – Starting today, players visiting any village will be greeted with falling snow. And that’s not the only perk this Christmas season: through Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012, players can click on Christmas trees located throughout towns to receive stockings containing a gift, including valuable items that provide increase in abilities.
  • Holiday Item Release – Gamers can treat their in-game character to a Christmas shopping spree as the item shop adds nearly 50 new premium items, such as Santa outfits, a red-nosed reindeer pet and more.
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