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Dragon’s Call reveals Promoted Classes

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Dragon’s Call has released new information about its Promoted Classes system, which will be launching soon.

Promoted classes will only be available for players level 80+. Developers released descriptions of all promoted classes; there are two promoted classes for each class, as follows:

Berserk Warlord:
Berserk Warlords are considered as the killing machines in the battlefield. They pay much attention to training attack skills and are capable of wielding weapons to launch concentrated attacks. Nevertheless, in the meantime they have abandoned the protective shields.

Shield Knight:
Shield Knights are a kind of warriors proficient in using shields to protect their teammates. They have strong defense and outstanding physical intensity. Their shields can resist enemies’ attack to the greatest extent. Shields are their symbols. However, as they lay stress on defense, they are at a disadvantage in attacks.

Flame Overlord:
Flame Overlords are masters of controlling flame. Their blazing flames are frightening nightmares for enemies who are scared of being eaten up by flame.

Storm Envoy:
Storm Envoys specialize in using lightning elements. They are able to fully exert the power of lightning spells after spending much time communicating with lightning elements. Momentary impact is the true power of lighting elements.

Shadow Master:
Representing the eruption of blades, Shadow Masters are the Grim Reaper lurking in the dark. They practice their reaction and assassination skills to the peak. As long as enemies relax their vigilance for a while, they are certain to feel a cold blade cutting their throat. Surpassing its own limit is always a shadow master’s great goal.

Toxic King:
Toxic Kings give up improving assassination skills but devote themselves to researching on poison. Aside from that, they have good control of their body. A person whose skin is torn by their weapon is bound to die. Isn’t it hateful? A small wound will easily take away your life.

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