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Second Galaxy Launches on Mobile Devices Today

ZLONGAME launched an open-world sci-fi MMO on iOS and Android today, called Second Galaxy.  Three thousand years in m ankin’ds future, interstellar colonization has expanded to a region known as the “Second Galaxy”. There are five alliances that are coming to life from their own cultures and civilizations found on Earth. Each of these has their own political system, religion, military force and aesthetic. We have a list of the factions below.

●       Neo-European Federation: Classic and simple design with a heavy emphasis on missiles for weapons
●       Economic Community of Dawn: Flexible ship design with blasters as their main weapons
●       Oracle Empire: Grandiose and curvilinear design that makes full use of laser cannons
●       Republic of Svarus: Simple and rough design with magnetic railguns
●       United Solar Systems of Hygara: Classic streamline design featuring balanced use of all weapon types
Second Galaxy offers players freedom, with a galaxy stretching beyond 1,000 lightyears, and has over 50,000 stars and 5000 galaxies. There are wormholes, space stations, blackholes, dark matter, and all manner of facilities to explore. Scattered across Second Galaxy, players will find several neutral trading planets as well as an underground black market where real-time dynamic transactions can be carried out. Large-scale battles and plenty of exploration awaits in Second Galaxy.
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