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Doom Commander returns to Global Agenda

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Global Agenda agents, the time for Halloween events has arrived.

The Doom Commander has arrived at Oasis Checkpoint, where players level 30 must protect the “cage of souls” until October 31. Players can earn special Halloween gear during this Defense Raid, and completing the raid will grant a guaranteed reward.

Global Agenda is published by Hi-Rez Studios, which is also developing Tribes: Ascend and Smite.

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The Haunted Recursive Colony is once again upon us! Doom Commander and his minions are bringing terror to the Oasis Checkpoint to satisfy their hunger for souls! Only the Agents of Dome City can save the world from the clutches of this evil horde!

Level 30 Agents must protect the cage of souls at all costs from Tuesday, October 18th through Monday, October 31st.

Collect special Halloween flair as you fight off the horde, and successfully complete this Defense Raid for a guaranteed reward!

To help overcome Doom Commander, look out for some other orange names appearing throughout the event to fight alongside you!

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