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Divina Quick Change Classes Guide (PvE + PvP)

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Divina is preparing for its next beta event, and to help players, Gamania has released a new developer guide featuring the game’s quick change feature. Check it out below for more tips on PvE and PvP class combinations!

Divina Quick Change Classes Guide (PvE + PvP)

With Divina’s Quick Change feature, there are many class combination and possibilities to choose from. With so many combinations, picking your sub class can be a daunting task. This guide will hopefully help you to better decide your class combination in regards to your play style.

For the PvE types focused on taking on Dungeons:

Here are the role functions according to Class.

                Primary Party Roles

Tank                                      – Knight

Healer                                   – Cleric

Damage Dealer                 – Sorcerer / Machinist / Assassin

                Secondary Party Functions

Crowd Control                   – Sorcerer / Machinist / Cleric

Off-Tanking                        – Knight /Assassin

Buff / Debuff                     – Cleric / Sorcerer / Machinist

Pull                                         – Machinist / Assassin


Recommended Class Combinations:

In general, there are three types of Main/Sub Class makeups you can go for.

1)      Support / DPS (Damage Per Second)

This makeup is best for overall versatility. If you choose either a Tank or Healer, choose a DPS class for your secondary, or vice versa. This ensures that you will always have a desirable role in any party situation.


[Light] Cleric / [Destructive] Sorcerer                      (Healer and DPS role)

[Guardian] Knight / [Ninjutsu] Assassin                 (Tank and DPS role)

[Artillerist] Machinist / [Light] Cleric                         (DPS and Healer role)

2)      Complimentary Classes

This type of makeup is for those of you who’d like to better improve the versatility of one specific role instead of having to worry about two different party roles. If you choose a Tanking role for instance, you can choose a class that is similarly good at tanking, such as Assassin (high evasion build). The main purpose would be to not have the same class, but to provide more options for you while primarily focusing on one Party Role that you like.


[Destructive] Sorcerer / [Dark] Cleric          (primarily DPS, however can utilize Cleric for healing)

[Mechanic] Machinist / [Stealth] Assassin

(primarily Ranged DPS, however can switch to Assassin for Close DPS)

[Ninjutsu] Assassin / [Destroyer] Knight

(primarily DPS, however can utilize Knight for emergency tanking while  keeping up DPS with Destroyer spec)

3)      Same Class – Dual Spec

If you like a certain class way too much over the other classes, you can just pick the same sub as your main. There are a few benefits to this. One is that you can have access to both sides of your Specialty Skill Trees with a push of a button to switch. Another is that, you would not have to alter your play-style very much when switching, and even just use the Quick Change feature if your character is running low on health to switch to a same-spec’d class and have your HP/MP replenished to full. So essentially you double your one class’s endurance.


[Guardian] Knight / [Guardian] Knight   (can switch when life is low – double life Tank)

[Light] Cleric / [Dark] Cleric    (always able to heal, but can switch to give more DPS)

For the PvP types focused on going toe-to-toe against other players:

                Sorcerer vs Knight                                                                            Uh oh, the Knight has closed the distance!

The Sorcerer is in trouble now… or is she?              Quick Change to Assassin!                    Now the tables have turned

Class Quick Change is essential to winning the battle against another player. Although what type of class you are fighting against will also greatly affect your battle strategy, here are a few recommended class combinations to give you an idea of the possibilities open to you.

Possible Class Combinations:

[Dark] Cleric / [Destroyer] Knight – The Cleric’s PER and CON buff skills greatly help the Knight class. Starting off with the Cleric’s DoT (Damage over Time) spells, then switching to the Knight should give you an effective damage boost. When you get low on health, you always have the option as a last ditch effort to switch to your Cleric class, toss on a few more heals, and smack ‘em with a few more DoTs to finish them off.

[Destructive] Sorcerer / [Stealth] Assassin – The Sorcerer by itself does heavily damaging spells, however if you find yourself in a tight spot against an opponent with high magic damage resist, you can switch to the Assassin to dish out high physical damage instead to bring the battle back in your favor.

[Artillerist] Machinist / [Ninjutsu] Assassin – Start off with the superior range of the Machinist to deal as much damage as possible before your opponent closes the gap. Once you are low on health or they have closed the distance, switch to your Assassin and make them pay with some close ranged attacks of your own.

[Dark] Cleric / [Mysterious] Sorcerer – With the Cleric’s Fire and Ice or Dark Sands Curse, they can seriously up the potency of the Sorcerer’s elemental firepower. Hit the opponent with all the Debuffs and DoTs you have before switching to the Sorcerer to make quick work out of them. These two classes complement each other nicely and can be a nuisance to deal with.

[Guardian] Knight / [Light] Cleric – For team based battles, having a dedicated healer is essential. Having the Knight charge in first to attack and harass players will be vital against keeping them off your squishier teammates. Inflicting Sprain on as many members as you can would put a damper to their movement. Switching to Cleric would give you a few options; you can focus on healing yourself if most of the other team is attacking you and keep them further distracted, or if they stop focusing on you, concentrate instead on keeping your teammates alive to help your team to victory.

Assassin to Sorcerer Quick Change

As the game is still in its early stages, more effective class combinations are sure to be found in the upcoming months. However, if you have trouble deciding what to choose, these class recommendations could provide a good starting point to finding your very own Quick Change combination!

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