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Digimon Masters Goes A-Hunting!

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Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher, today unleashes a hot new hunt for exciting treasure in their leading MMORPG, Digimon Masters Online.

For every half hour, full hour, two hours and three hour periods per day that the Tamer stays within the game, they’ll be rewarded with items! These include Miracle Fruit, which temporarily increases their Digimon’s size; Amplification Booster +200, providing a 200% boosted EXP rate for a limited time; a Diablomon Boss Card, allowing players to summon this challenging boss monster; and a Summer Coin, a new type of currency.

Digimon Masters Online

Each day players who stay logged in for at least two hours consecutively will receive a Summer Coin. Head over to the JumboGaemon, located in the Data Center, who will exchange these coins for fun prizes including:

– Item Effects Number of Coins

– 1 Evoluter Expand Champion and Ultimate evolution slots 5

– 10 Plant DATA Plant Class DigiEgg hatching ingredient 6

– 10 Aquatic DATA Auatic Class Digi egg hatching ingredient 6

– Warehouse Expansion Extra Warehouse slot 7

– ModeSelector Extends the evolution of riding mode 9

– 1 Backup Disk Corrects Adverse Effects in Digimon Evolution 10

– 1 Hatching BackupDisk Prevents penalties in failed hatching attempt 12

Digimon Masters Online

The most coveted prize that JumboGaemon will offer is the Mystery reinforced mercenary digi egg, which randomly awards players one of many reinforced mercenary digi eggs. This item costs a whopping 25 Summer Coins to acquire, out of a total possible 29 coins. Players will need to consider which prizes fit their Coin budget best!

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