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Dreamland Online begins alpha testing

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After a long wait, IGG has finally launched Dreamland Online into alpha testing.

The alpha test will limit players to level 52, but offers all eight classes. Six maps – Mushroom Village, Paddy Village, Eclipse Villa, Specer Fortress, Fishing Village, and Train Station – will be available for testing. Various events, including race-specific, PvP, guild quests, and daily quests will also be available. Note that there will be a character wipe at the end of Alpha testing, and that a key is required to play.

IGG also publishes Lords Online, Wonderland Online, and Tales of Pirates.

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Dreamland Online: Alpha Test Going Live Today

IGG is pleased to announce that the Alpha Test for their highly anticipated new title, Dreamland Online (, will go live today, Nov 19th at 9:00pm EST (GMT-5). The aim is to give players and the media a glimpse into this dazzling new world of adventure.

The Alpha Test version of the Dreamland Online client is now available! Simply visit to download your very own copy of the game client NOW!

In Alpha Test, players will be limited to advancing past Level 52, but will find more than enough to do with the release of all 8 classes and 6 maps: Mushroom Village, Paddy Village, Eclipse Villa, Specter Fortress, the Fishing Village and the Train Station! Also testers can enjoy race-specific events, special PVP events, guild quests and all manner of exciting daily reward quests!

1.    All character data will be deleted after the Alpha Testing phase is complete.
2.    No IGG points may be exchanged for Dreamland Online Mall Points during the Alpha Testing phase.
3.    Most of the Activation Keys have already been given out, though there are a few left on our Facebook page. So, pick yours up before they are all gone!
Official Facebook Page:
4.    Look out for all fun and adventure coming your way during the Alpha Test, as a whole plethora of events unfurl themselves before your very eyes!

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