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Breach Attempts to Revitalize the Co-Op Action RPG Genre

QC Games, a development studio comprised of AAA veterans and creators announced their first project: Breach. Breach fuses mythological Earth with a modern Earth, and the two have collided. There will be an open class system, RPG-like depth, and ever-changing missions, Breach is challenging players to create their ideal hero and to revitalize the action RPG genre. There are dozens of classes and an endless customization suite of abilities and can switch to any class at any time. Whether you want to be a Chronomancer, the aerial juggling Auros Gladiator, or move on to the explosive Gunslinger, there’s something for all types of players. Breach will enter paid Steam Early Access this year, with Free-to-Play launching in 2019.

“In Breach, a big focus was to have a constant pace of intense action for any class you want to play,” states Gabe Amatangelo, Game Director and Chief Creative Officer for QC Games. “The combinations of different classes and player styles will create various squad tactics making each play session truly unique. And if you have a human player controlling the Veil Demon, the Breach experience becomes even more dynamic and challenging.”

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