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Destiny Chaser To Soft Launch on Android in December 2018

Destiny Chaser Coming Soon splashart

Destiny Chaser is an idle RPG that is on the way to Android’s Google Play Store this December. It features stylish 3D graphics and the fast-paced fighting players expect of an idle RPG. Destiny Chaser is set in a mythical world where several universes are colliding. Players take command of three main characters, each with their own distinct fighting style and aesthetic: Viola the versatile warrior musician, Cruz the sword-swinging gunslinging vampire, and Lena the powerful time-manipulating wizard. Destiny Chaser will also have hundreds of unlockables for weapons, costumes, pets, and classes that can be mixed and matched. Players will do battle across a variety of stages, arenas, and dungeons. There will also be Boss Raids, and battles against other players.

Key Features:

● Enjoy HD Visual Effects in 3D
● Thrilling and Colorful Battles with no Stress!

Endless Idle RPG:
● 5x Max Speed! Extreme speed to explore the New World
● Infinite growth through Rebirth
● Full RPG experience on the GO
● Easy Battle in High-level Strategic Play

Blockbuster RPG Style – Collect & Evolve:
● Summon Unique Stylish Characters & Pets
● Over 300 powerful equipment to use
● Systematic level-up for your infinite growth
● Tap to conquer Quests, Dungeons, and Bosses
● Exciting rewards and contents as you get stronger

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