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DDO: Shadowfell Conspiracy – Stormhorn Mountains

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On Cormyr’s western and northern borders lie the majestic Stormhorn mountains, a brand new wilderness area coming to Dungeons & Dragons Online in the next expansion, The Shadowfell Conspiracy. The Stormhorn mountains are beautiful and wild. They contain rugged forests, alpine streams, and frozen peaks – and also dangerous wild creatures and scattered tribes of orcs, giants, and gnolls.

The mountain range has long served as a protective barrier for Cormyr, keeping the kingdom’s enemies at bay. Yet now the empire of Netheril, Cormy’s enemy to the northwest, threatens to dominate the Stormhorn mountains. The Netherese have formed the mountain tribes into armies and built forts to house their new forces in. The Netherese seem especially interested in one particular glacier, where they are searching for something hidden deep within the ice.

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