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Dark Frenzy: Establish Your Name in Inferno Legend

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Inferno Legend DF 1

Gamebox’s downloadable MMORPG Inferno Legend has recently released a major update with the brand new feature of “Dark Tournament”. Dark Tournament is a new PvP feature that enables players to see their true strength comparing with others.

Free Mode & Class Mode
There are two different modes in Dark Tournament. In Class Mode, players will be divided in groups according to their class. And players of each class will be paired and fight in rounds. At the end of the tournament, each class will have an independent rank so that players can see how good they are among players of their class.

Inferno Legend DF 2

Free Mode is even more competitive. It is like Class Mode but with players of all classes on the same platform. And at the end of it, there will be only one rank so that players can see their stance in their server.

Prayers & Outbursts
Like any competition, the preparation phase in Dark Competition is vital. Without knowing who their next opponent will be, players still have some options prepare for the upcoming battle. No matter who the opponent is, improving the strength of yourself will always bring you a better chance of winning. Besides the equipment enhancing and skill upgrading players are already familiar with, Dark Tournament provides extra options of prayer and outburst that immediately enhance the rating of players’ team.

Inferno Legend DF 3

To use Prayer, players need to spend a certain amount of Gold. Prayers will give your team a rating boost throughout the entire tournament. And Outburst is free with a 30% rating boost for your team for the upcoming round. However, Outburst can only be used 3 times in a tournament, so it will be a very strategic decision in which rounds Outburst should be used for players to make depending on how far they expect their team would go into the tournament.

With this new Dark Tournament feature and the existing Arena function, Inferno Legend PvP system is pretty complete. Players now have multiple choices to challenge each other and see their standings in this game. This will certainly bring a strong sense of achievement.

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