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Elvenar Orcs & Goblins Revealed

Elvenar‘s development team presents the new Orcs & Goblins, a new high level feature.

After players successfully unlock the new guest race’s portal, they will be able to discover the secrets of this contrasting coalition. On the one hand, the Orcs are straightforward, dull and aggressive beasts that are all about fighting and power. On the other hand, Goblins are numerous, malicious and pesky critters that cultivate mushrooms and always act in groups. While these two very distinct groups work together, each side will always try to have a bigger advantage from the collaboration than the other.

To produce Orcs, players will have to learn how to breed them in their armories. Therefore, at least one armory at level 20 is required in this new feature. For their part, the goblins will produce different kind of mushrooms that boost the Orcs in different ways. Orcs that are equipped with mushrooms can be sent on special missions to gather all kinds of loot. Additionally, they can discover distant provinces to ensure “peaceful but efficient” negotiations and they will also be needed to upgrade workshops in the city. Both functionalities will continue after the “Orcs and Goblins” Chapter.

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