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Cronous adds Neo Union War on Feb 9th

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Cronous will be updating on February 9th with the new Neo Union War system. The Neo Union War system had originally scheduled to go live on January 21st, but had to be delayed. The new PvP system pits unions of guilds against each other in a massive siege battle for the rights to taxation.

The update will also begin the Valentine’s Day event, “Love Love Valentine.” A new contest, awarding $50 worth of item-shop cash, will also begin.

The Original Press Release:

CroNous Neo Union War Goes Live

A New Revolution to All CroNisians

Seoul, South Korea – February 9, 2010 – At last, the long wait is over. The Neo Union War system will be updated on February 9, 2010. The Union War will never be the same as before after this grand update. This grand update is followed by two special events to celebrate the opening of the Neo Union War system.

Many had anticipated the January 21, 2010 Neo Union War update. There were many outcries amongst the fan of CroNous when Lizard Interactive had reluctantly announced the postponing of the new update on January 21, 2010 due to lack of testing. Some have even doubted if there ever will be a new update. However, to everyone’s amazement, the update came sooner than expected. Lizard Interactive is positive that Neo Union War update will go live on February 9, 2010.

It’s one on one on one: the Defending Union against the two Besieging Union, and one Besieging Union against the other. There are no allies in this new Union war system. Each Union, consisting of 5 guilds, will fight for supremacy using Siege Weapons like Catapult and Ballista.

March for the West or East Gate and destroy the Internal Gate to summon the West and East Guard Tower. Destroy either the West or East Guard Tower to derive at the next destination: the Statue of Bernai King. Destroy the statue to win the Will of the King item. Then, carry the Will of the King item to the Altar of Fire and perform the 30 second Will of the King ceremony. But beware! The Will of the King item can be very hazardous as it will slow you down drastically upon acquisition.

Every time a player participates in the Neo Union War, Honor Points and Winning Points will accumulate. With enough Honor Points, players will be allowed to purchase special items, such as ArkKnights with its great appearance, from special shops using Honor Points.

For the winner of the Neo Union War, the Union will be granted a castle to rule with the power of taxation. The Union Master will be granted an imperial crown until the next Union War. The Union to achieve a 4 week consecutive win will also be awarded 40,000 NeoFun points, an equivalent value of 4,000 dollars.

The grand update will be followed by two events: Love Love Valentine and Age of the Sage event. In the Love Love Valentine event, players will hunt and gather 3 ingredients of biscuit sticks, chocolate and gift box; visit Kayla, the mix master and combine with 50% success rate; and send it as a gift as the item will not be self-openable. In the Age of the Sage event, players will be rewarded 5,000 NeoFun points, which is of equivalent value of 50 dollars, for creating a fan site. Also, after the update, Master Enchant Stones(3% Enchant Stone(M), 5% Enchant Stone(M), 3% Holy Stone(M), 5% Holy Stone(M)) will be available from Ytudana.

The update is expected to last for several hours as there will be mega loads of files to update. There has never been and there will never be a grander update than this Neo Union War update in the history of CroNous.

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