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Silkroad Online Reveals Roc Time Attack Details

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Joymax has revealed today a new event to be released with Ignite Silkroad: Part 2 – the Roc Time Attack.

Starting December 18, Silkroad Online players can battle against the great Roc and other bosses all at once. This special two-week event will encourage players to join together in the new skill balance system designed to make partying easier and more enjoyable.

At various times, Roc will be summoned in either the Golden Plain (near Constantinople in Europe) or the Southern Grassland (near China). If Roc is defeated within 10 minutes, a second Roc will be summoned – and if that Roc is bested in the same time, three unique boss monsters will be called forth. These three bosses must also be cleared within 10 minutes to call victory for the event. Roc Time Attack will offer epic drop items including weapons and armor, plus Subscription cards that will include Level Up, skill points, and armor sets.

Joymax also publishes Knight Age Online and Digimon Masters Online.

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