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Combat Arms update adds Sector 25

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The monthly update for Combat Arms this July brings a new map and more for its players.

The new map, Sector 25, has players defending the Nemesis Research Lab to keep the antitode of a malicious virus from being destroyed by attackers. A new GP item (DSR-1) and a new clan item (Clan Helmet) have been added alongside new item shop items.

Other bug fixes and tweaks have been added; as well as opening the Dark Forest map on Clearance Level 2.

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The Original Announcement:

Operation: Sector 25

On 7/28, you’ll get lost in the labyrinth that is Sector 25, the newest map in Combat Arms! Central Command is also giving you the chance to recruit your friends…with the help of some very tempting rewards for both you, and your recruits. Of course there will be new weapons, new gear, and an exclusive clan item to help keep your strength up. Good luck, brave soldiers of Combat Arms…you’ll certainly need it.

New Map:

Sector 25

After the spread of a malicious virus, scientists at the Nemesis Resaerch Lab quickly began to develop an antidote. Within six months, they had an antidote prototype ready for a clinical demonstration. However, while waiting for the demonstration, the lab was attacked. You must annihilate the enemies and protect the antidote sample.

New NX Items:

Ultimax 100

Ballistic Helmet

KDR / HP Vision

Baron’s M416 CQB (Epic) , available exclusively from Supply Crate MYST-N

New GP Item:

DSR-1, available at First Lieutenant I

New Clan Item:

Clan Helmet, available at Clan Level 3

Recruit a Friend Event!

Central Command is calling all who want to enlist! From July 28th to August 25th, you will have the chance to recruit as many friends as you want, with endless rewards!

Other Game Changes and Updates:

Server Changes:

• Dark Forest is now available to be played on Clearance Level 2 servers (as well as Papa Server).

Balance Changes:

• M32’s damage has been decreased, ammo has been increased to 6 / 6 (from 6 / 0).
• M4 Super 90’s firing rate has been slightly decreased.
• Auto Turrets’ health has been increased, but each specialist can only have one active at any time.
• Latter Cabin Fever rounds on extreme difficulty now award more points, hence greater rewards to those who complete the mode.
• Respawn Tokens can now be used at any time when a player is dead.

Bug fixes:

• Mines can no longer be rapidly planted by exploiting quick-swapping.
• Infected in Quarantine Regen correctly regenerate health while motionless.

Other changes:

• All game modes now have background music playing at the start of the match.
• The Help screen has been updated.
• The Black HiSec Case has been updated and now has a chance to contain the M416 CAMO for various durations including Permanent!
• The Daily Login Rewards will be kept on for another month so make sure to keep logging in each day!

–Combat Arms Command–

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