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Combat Arms releases Rural Estate map

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The prize-winning Rural Estate map is now live in Nexon’s Combat Arms.

Designed by “SuperPianist,” the map is set in a lovely country mansion, offering indoor and outdoor combat grounds to explore. The 16-player map is available for six game modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, and Last Man Standing, and is the 36th map to be added to the game.

Nexon also publishes Sudden Attack and Vindictus.

Rural Estate

Combat Arms Gameplay Screenshot


A Vicious Combat Arms Firefight is About to Break Out at a Rural Estate

Nexon America releases a new PvP map designed by a fan

After winning Nexon America’s Create A Map contest, “Combat Arms” fan SuperPianist has had his vision brought to life with today’s launch of Rural Estate. Set in and around the perimeter of a picturesque country mansion, Rural Estate combines the best of close-quarters indoor combat with abundant grounds where players can hunt and be hunted.

Rural Estate is the 36th map to join the extensive selection of battlefields available in Nexon America’s high intensity free-to-play first-person shooter. The map is playable on six different game modes, including: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, and Last Man Standing.

The 16 player map pits a government infiltration team against a group of terrorists, but only one team will make it out of Rural Estate alive.

For more information about the “Combat Arms’’ February content update, visit:

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