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AIKA launches The Last Bastion expansion

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AIKA’s next free expansion, The Last Bastion, has been launched.

The update adds the new region of Termiz, complete with new enemies and over 100 new quests. This coincides with a raise of the level cap from 60 to 70. Players can earn points for each level they gain during the first week of the expansion, with those points redeemable for prizes, many from the Item Shop. The first of each class to the new level cap also will earn a rare mount.

AIKA is published by Gala-Net (gPotato), which also publishes Allods Online, Iris Online, Fly For Fun, and Tales Runner.

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We are happy to announce that Aika’s second expansion, The Last Bastion, has arrived!

Welcome to Termiz, the deadliest region in Lakia and home to the Basilica Giovannis. Here, you will join your fellow Aitan in a battle through a land tormented by plague and fire, where you will encounter dozens of new enemies, and have the opportunity to complete over 100 new quests! With The Last Bastion, Aika not only introduces powerful new armor and weapon sets, but also increases the level cap from 60 to 70!

It’s up to you to preserve the Prophet’s knowledge, as you take a stand in The Last Bastaion, as Lakia’s best hope for defeating the evil Zereca!
For the first week of the expansion, you can earn tons of great prizes simply for leveling up your character! For each level you gain, your character will acquire points that can be redeemed at the end of the event for prizes such as Medals of the Hero, Lucky Boxes, and Enriched Extracts up to rank B!
Also, all Aitan are welcome to participate in our race to level 70! The first of each class to reach the new level cap will earn a rare mount than has yet been seen!

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