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Closers Goes To Hell In The Latest Update

Closers -Soma Update and Thanksgiving Event screenshot

Closers has another update this week, focused on the latest Closer, Soma. Soma can unlock her new skills and get a promotion to Special Agent. On top of that, a new zone awaits, Contamination Hell. This gives players a chance to increase their gears’ rank to all-new heights. There are also lots of new cosmetics awaiting in the Closers store. On top of that, the Thanksgiving Celebration is beginning early and runs until Monday, November 26th.

Thanksgiving 2018 Events:

Login and playtime rewards:

  • First Login Reward:
  • Thanksgiving Celebration Box. Movable to Account Storage, box and component expire on 2019-01-15 at 6 a.m., Untradeable.
    • Enhancement Boost II ×2
    • Roasted Turkey ×5 (HP/MP 100% Recovery)
  • 30-Minute Playtime Reward: Golden Dog’s Hair ×5 (Crafting Material)
  • Get 100 minute and 200-minute rewards every day during this period for Scavenger’s Golden Treasure and Veteran Hero Washing Machines!
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