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Camelot Unchained Introduces New Community Manager, Delays BSC Days

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This afternoon, City State Entertainment held a Pre-BSC Reveal livestream event on Twitch for Camelot Unchained.

The event led off with a pre-recorded video of Mark Jacobs to announce and introduce the new Community/Partner Relations employee, Jenesee Grey. Jenesee managed the Grey Area Podcast, and was most recently Media Director for the CastAR augmented reality glasses.

CU Jenesee Grey

Jacobs explained that while the previous Community Manager, Renée Machyousky, was loved and did an excellent job, she had to move back to Washington and the team needed someone to work in-office to be able to work with the developer team on a face-to-face basis. The remainder of the stream was a short live Q&A session with Jenesee to allow the community to get to know her better.

Yesterday, City State Entertainment announced that the BSC Days had to be delayed until early July. The delay is due to a client-side technical issue that leaves the game in a state that Jacobs does not believe is running “well enough” for internal testers.

As an apology, CSE will grant all backers a digital statue of a bat, wearing a “tiara of shame,” to display in their virtual homes in the game. They will also add Founders Points to the accounts of all Founders once the BSC event begins, promising $10 per Founder minimum and an additional $5 for each additional week the team is late. Builders will get additional items added to their Welcome Pack, with an additional item each week the team continues to be late. In the meantime, the team is looking at adding even more content to the BSC event for backers to enjoy.

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