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Brave Trials: Mobile MMORPG Now Available

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Vrave Trials

Brave Trials, the very first action MMORPG from global game developer and publisher IGG (I Got Games) is now available on the App Store.

Brave Trials has gained outstanding support from its player base on Google Play since its launch, 4 months prior. With its addition to the App Store, Apple users can now also join in on the action.

Brave Trials sports anime-inspired art style and characters, breathtaking environments and soul-stirring game music. Players battle alongside Faen Creatures they can collect, upgrade, and level-up on their adventures. There are hundreds of Faen to choose from, each with their own individual skills and stats that increase their owner’s stats. Combat action is intensified by teaming up with various Faen to dish out special combos.

Key Features:

  • Virtual Joystick – Move freely and quickly in all directions on the map.
  • Dynamic Action – Real time combat system that doesn’t require players to tap and target enemies to attack. Hack and slash their way through waves of monsters, dealing adrenaline-rushing, direct, and realistic battle combos.
  • Collect ‘Em All – Hundreds of wondrous and quirky Faen, each with their own unique abilities and attributes.
  • Stat Boosts – Benefit from stat boosts provided by Faen companions.
  • MMORPG on Your Mobile – Experience the thrills and spills of an MMORPG – all on a handheld device!

For more information or to download the game, visit Brave Trials on the App Store:

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