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Brave Frontier Reveals New ‘Dual Brave Burst’ Mechanic

Brave Frontier Dual Brave Burst mechanic

Brave Frontier, gumi’s turn-based ARPG mobile title has a brand-new feature coming tomorrow: Dual Brave Burst (DBB). Dual Brave Burst is the latest fun combat mechanic that lets players combine the skills of two heroes into one single special attack. This new attack will provide additional damage to enemies and extra effects to allies or foes in battle. Dual Brave Burst will have players creating new strategies to enhance their overall play experience. There will be more DBB pairs released in the future, but below are the current list.

To unlock DBB, players would need to fuse DBB potential units with special fusion materials (Elemental Golems) earned by completing quests or by participating in our in-game events. Once the DBB is unlocked, players will then be able to create bonds with the respective Bond Partners and unleash the DBB in battle. Players can create a total of 9 DBB bonds on launch day. The list of the units with their Bonded Partners are as follows:

  1. Azurai & Korzan
  2. Saerenthis & Tsovinar
  3. Nia & Elaina
  4. Tevarius & N’an-Wang-Mu
  5. Sero-Anya & QiuTong
  6. Beatrix & Semira
  7. Xenon & Estia
  8. Juno-Seto & Ensa-Taya
  9. Giselle & Kranus
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