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BLESS Online Releases Game Balance Update Today

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Bless Online released the v1.0.0.8 update, which offers several changes to the difficulty, chain bonuses and various class skill effects. One of the changes were related to the level 11-13 quests for both Hieron and Union, where Hieron’s 11-13 episode quests saw an EXP increase and modified the minimum level needed to start some of the episode quests from 13 down to 11-12. Union did not see an exp increase but did see the same minimum level adjustment in the same area. Some field / low-level dungeon monsters lost HP and defense, to make them a bit easier to do battle with. Chain Bonuses were also enhanced for all classes, starting at +20% damage at 2 chain and up to 80% at a 6 chain. From there, all four classes saw changes to several of their skills, which can be found in the link below. The Bless team also laid out some plans for future updates in a news post, seen here, concerning Action Targeting Mode and class balance.

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