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Expansions Released for Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia

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Aeria Games has announced expansions for two of its popular MMORPGs — Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia — just in time for the holidays.

Eden Eternal has launched “Everwinter Knights” to celebrate the holidays, and to announce the arrival of the newest class.  The update provides an increase of the level cap to 75, new skills and abilities, three new zones, new instances, and brand new armor.  The Dragon Knight class is also available, unlocked through an epic questline.  New solo instances and a brand new holiday event are also available.

Grand Fantasia players can look forward to the “Return to Wonderland” expansion, which provides players the ability to enchant their costumes with stat boosts.  A new 1v1 duel arena has also been added, to compete for rank and special titles.  A new level 90 dungeon, a whole new quest line, new weapons, and a revamped casino have also been introduced.

Aeria Games also publishes Shaiya and Last Chaos.

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