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Blade & Soul Reveals Details of Ninth Class

Blade & Soul Reveals Details of Ninth Class news header

At Tencent Games Carnival 2015 this weekend, Chinese publisher Tencent and developer NCSoft revealed the ninth class for Blade & Soul, the “Qi Master” (reported by MMOCulture).

The class is meant to be a hybrid between the Kung Fu Master and the Force Master, capable of using both of their weapons at the same time. It is designed for DPS and support, and skilled players will need to know how to switch between melee for damage dealing and long range for healing and support skills. The class is set to release in winter, with another class (yet unannounced) soon to follow. You can watch it in action against the Destroyer in this short video:

Blade & Soul is also preparing to introduce a mentor system and a wings system.

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