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Blacklight: Retribution Releases “I Am Legend” Inspired Evacuation Update

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The Blacklight: Retribution team is proud to announce that Evacuation, the latest update for the award-winning, free-to-play first-person shooter is live. In addition to tons of new features, including more weapons, new Hero character Lilith, premium servers, an increased level cap of 40, and more! What’s most exciting is the introduction of the new Evacuation map for both new and veteran players to dive into.

“The visual theme for the new Evacuation level was inspired by the earlier scenes from the film I Am Legend,” explains Zombie Studios Level Designer Rick Lesley. “We wanted to try to capture the feeling of the aftermath following a failed evacuation with cars all rammed into each other in panic, heading toward the helicopter and decontamination area.”

To celebrate the launch of Evacuation, the Blacklight Retribution team is also happy to announce some very special promotions going on right now!

Half-Life Headcrab Weapon Tag:
Any player that logs in to Blacklight: Retribution between now and November 4, 2012 will receive a limited edition Half-Life Headcrabweapon tag for use in-game.
Valve Armored Helmet:
Any player that reaches the new level cap of 40 between now and November 30, 2012 will receive a limited edition Valve Armored Helmet for use in-game.

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