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Battle of the Immortals – Mounts Preview

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Perfect World Entertainment just released some more information about the mounts in their upcoming title – Battle of the Immortals.

When is a mount more than just a mount and more of a trusty side kick? When your mount is fully upgradable and levels up side-by-side with your character! One of the unique features in Battle of the Immortals is the variety of different ways your mount can grow and be upgraded. This will not only give you better stats and help you travel throughout the game, but will change in appearance, so that players will see a difference between a level 1 versus a level 2 mount and even greater difference in a level 5 mount.
Pimp My Mount
Depending on the mount, you will have 4-5 levels for your mount to grow up to as you use them. The more you use your mount, the faster it will level. Once your mount hits level 3-4, you will receive a default skill such as sprint, which adds speed, or blink, which allows you to teleport over short distances. At higher levels, you will be able to add customizable skills that can be added in empty slots.
Players will obtain mounts through story progression or via the in-game store. There are some pretty crazy mounts available include some that are multi-player, which means you can transport yourself and your friend at a much faster rate.
Here’s just a taste of some of the mounts available in Battle of the Immortals.

There will certainly be more mounts in the game, these are just a few. Perfect World Entertainment also publishes Jade Dynasty, Ether Saga Online, Perfect World and Kung Foo!
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