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Dragon’s Call patch makes several improvements

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A new patch to Dragon’s Call today added several improvements to the game, including a Bulk Sale feature at merchants and the ability to transfer leadership in instances. Golden Elite monsters may now drop +1-+3 refined equipment, and many bugs and user experience issues have been addressed.

Patch Notes:

[Content Updates & Improvements]
*Added the “Bulk Sale” function in inventory. The operation method is: click on the “Bulk Sale” button first and then select multiple items that you want to sell, and then click “Confirm” to confirm your operations.

*Now the golden elite monsters in the wild and bosses in instances may drop +1~+3 refined equipment.
*Adjusted the “Upgrade” panel by separating current upgrade-related functions into several tabs, including: Refine, Purify, Embed, Inject Soul, Decompose and Combine, to give you a clearer guidance for different functions; modified the original “Embed” button below the character avatar to “Achi.” (Achievement).

*Added the team leadership “transfer” function in Instance. Now you don’t have to worry that your instance exploration progress will be delayed when the team leader is busy with other things or has to be offline for a while.

* Add the obtaining time of Top Achievement and the class rank.

*Now when you want to purchase gems in batches, if there is not enough space in your inventory, the surplus gems will be mailed to you. But don’t forget to check your mails in time.
*Now no potion will be dropped, but potions can only be purchased from the Alchemy Store.
*Now in text combat mode, the displayed HP amount of character and monster will increase or decrease “instantly” as the combat progresses.
*Improve the page of Redeem Items(Instance).

[UE Improvements]
Instant Data:
*Some events in instances

No Refresh:
*Purchase and sale switch in Market
*The page switch in Auction House and Market (only the result box will be refreshed now)
*The search in Auction House and Market (only the result box will be refreshed now)
*The instance loots are successfully distributed
*The gold in mails is successfully claimed
*The page switch in Mercenary List

Moved Some Prompts after Confirm to the System Channel:
*Prompt after an item is successfully claimed
*HP Pack successfully recharged
*Bulk sale
*Combat complete
*Strengthened the text prompts in the system channel:
*Added the quest name in quest accepted and completed prompts;
*Added the item name in item purchased and sold prompts;

[Bug Fixes]
*Fixed the error of action points when you switched text combat mode to animation combat mode.
*Resolved the problem that when you entered gem store first and then entered another store, the Refresh button and the arrival time of goods on the store page didn’t show.
*Modified the account name shown in Auction House and Market pages to your IGN (formerly, other players would see your IGN, but yourself would see your account name).
*Resolved the problem that if you listed yourself in the Mercenary Market for several times, your stats wouldn’t refresh after you were hired to challenge instances next time.
*We fixed most of bugs found by players in last week.

*The detailed content of the mails before maintenance will disappear (The items will not disappear). After the maintenance, the new mails will be OK like before.
*Repeated messages are not allowed in world chat.
*Player rankings will be updated every one hour and only top 15000 players will be shown.

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