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Bandai Namco Opens New Mobile Company – Bandai Namco Mobile

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Bandai Namco announced today the creation of a new company in Barcelona, Spain. The focus will be the development and marketing of mobile entertainment outside of the Asian market. This company will be Bandai Namco Mobile (BNM). Bandai Namco Mobile will be focused on the growth of the mobile business within the Network Entertainment Unit within Bandai Namco group, with this team overseeing mobile development overseas, as well as marketing efforts. This will ultimately allow more flexible and collaborative content creation and marketing for western audiences. Bandai Namco Mobile will open their doors in early 2020, and staff recruitment will start in the coming months.

“Setting up a separate company for all our western mobile development and marketing allows us to react better to market tendencies and create higher quality content at a faster pace, as part of our long term vision for the business,” commented Naoki Katashima, CEO of BNE Europe, BNE America, and BNM. “We hope you look forward to great entertainment delivered by BANDAI NAMCO Mobile.”

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