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Atlas Reactor Announces Free Mode and Progression Changes

Today, the Atlas Reactor team has made two big announcements regarding the game’s free to play mode, and changes to player progression.

Free Mode

Free Mode is meant to make Atlas Reactor accessible to a large audience while being generous to supporters of the game, while keeping things fair for everyone.

In Free Mode, players can play for free using Freelancers from a weekly free rotation which will be unique per player (rather than the same roster for everyone). Playing games and winning matches will let players earn reward caches, which will include cosmetic items like icons, skins, titles, emotes, taunts, and more. Free Mode players will be limited on how often they can open a cache.

A single purchase will be available for players who want to support the game. This one time cost unlocks all Freelancers permanently (current and future), removes the cache opening limit, enables custom and ranked games, and allows entry in tournaments.

Free Mode will go live on August 9.

Player Progression Changes

Existing players will already recognize some changes to the progression system based on the Free Mode.

First of all, the Store will be removed from the game, and all its current items will be available in rewards caches. The Store section will be replaced with the Collection where players can track progress on their cosmetic collection and Freelancers.

Credits, crafting, inventory, and account levels will be removed. Loot Matrices will be simplified, with one granted per season level. Each will contain three items including premium skins. ISO will now only come from Loot Matrices and converted duplicate items. Experience will be granted for playing matches and completing contracts, freelancer levels will become infinite, and every ten levels will grant players a Freelancer-specific Loot Matrix.

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