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Turf Battles improves Alliance system

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Aeria Games has recently patched Turf Battles to improve the Alliance system. The changes are as follows:

1) Players are now able to Request and Accept Alliances with a total of 5 Tribes!

2) Tribe Alliance Core System changed.
Alliances are now only created with the Tribe you requested, not the Tribe you requested and their tribes. For example Tribe A Allies Tribe B. Tribe B Allies Tribe C. Tribe A is only allied to Tribe B not Tribe C.

3) Ladianes Civil War Alliance system has been changed to match the above stated patch.
Meaning if Tribe A won the Ladianes Civil War, then so does Tribe B. However, Tribe C does not.

4) The /Tribe AllianceEnd command has been modified so that it can end a Tribe Alliance with one tribe at a time if you place the name afterwards.
For Example: /Tribe AllianceEnd AndosCoolTribe
If you only type /Tribe AllianceEnd then all Alliances will end!

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