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Armored Warfare Panzer Showdown Results

Armored Warfare Panzer Showdown Results

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and global publisher reveal the final results of the Panzer Showdown event. Three mercenary factions from Germany have fought a brutal and dirty war on modern battlefields, in an attempt to outperform the other teams.

Thousands of rounds ammunition were used to decide which faction would take the contents of the top-secret NATO installation that contained a number of experimental vehicles, including an upgraded Leopard 2 with a 140mm cannon, which was believed to be a fairy tale until now.

Panzer Showdown final scores:

  • The Remnant – 3,642,253,576 Reputation Points
  • The Maulers – 1,855,015,286 Reputation Points
  • The Bulwark – 1,564,056,002 Reputation Points

Winners of Round three: The Remnant

  • All members of the Remnant who registered as participants will receive 7 days of Premium
  • All members of the Maulers and the Bulwark who registered as participants will receive  3 days of Premium
  • The top 100 contributors from each Mercenary faction will gain 1500 gold for themselves.

To read the full lore results to the event please click HERE.

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