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Arabian Nights Themed MMORPG Nadirim Announced

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A browser based MMORPG titled Nadirim is currently under development and should be ready for closed beta testing towards the end of autumn 2010. What sets Nadirim apart? Well firstly, the theme. Nadirim is set in Arabia during the 1001 Arabian Nights era. Despite being set in a browser, Nadirim promises full MMORPG features. There will be plenty PvE and PvP content available. Nadirim will also boast a turn based combat system which should help it stand out.

The game is developed by Digital Reality and is being published by WebFunTeam. The studios seem to be based in Germany, but the official site is in Hungary. Despite its physical location, Nadirim will be available globally so players from all over the planet can enjoy it for free.

Players interested in the game can read more in the full release below, but we’ll leave you with the five available classes: Warrior, Sage, Nomad, Ruffian, and Caravan Master.

Full Release:

NADIRIM – A tale from 1001 Nights

Free to play browser game in an Arabian setting will appear in autumn 2010

Munich, Germany – 14 July 2010 – Digital Reality and WebFunTeam proudly present Nadirim, a unique F2P browser game in a world full of Arabian myths and fantastic creatures. Developed by Digital Reality, Nadirim whisks players away to a virtual world that combines the best-known elements of the Arabian Nights and impresses with its beautiful graphics and animation. The closed beta for Nadirim is expected to begin at the end of August; the release of the game is planned for autumn 2010.

Players begin their adventure as a simple citizen of the Empire of the Eternal Sun, where the sun never sets. The old Caliph sacrificed his life so that the sun would stand at the zenith and the powers of evil Nadir, the Lord of the Void, would be imprisoned in the darkness. After more than 100 years, the people have begun to lose their faith in goodness, and the darkness is creeping slowly into the hearts of the citizens of the empire. The sun is slowly setting and the first servants of the mighty djinn Nadir are starting to appear.

With one of the five different character classes – Warrior, Sage, Nomad, Ruffian, or Caravan Master – each with two different and unique talent trees, players must answer the call of the secret Order of the Inamas in order to save the Light and with it the kingdom itself.

The main plot begins in Ennahar, the Town of Adventures, and unfolds through numerous quests. Characters can enter solo quests, PvP, group, and even guild quests. Along with the extensive PvE content, players can engage in PvP arena battles to earn extra experience and additional rewards. Thanks to the different skills of the various character classes, every battle in the turn-based combat system is unique.


· Free to play online browser game in Arabian Nights

· Strong PvE and PvP content

· A huge variety of solo, group, guild, and PvP quests

· Five different character classes, each with two unique talent trees:

Warrior, Sage, Nomad, Ruffian, or Caravan Master

· Turn-based combat system

· Extensive guild system

· Crafting and trade system with huge variety of magical items

· Social media connectivity – players can share their progress and adventures with friends

· Unique level of detail and captivating music

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