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Twin Saga Launch and Beyond Interview


Answers by  A. Zarrouk PR Manager @gamigo group

Following my launch review of Twin Saga, I still had a few questions lingering in my mind. Luckily I had the chance to read out to the publishers to get an idea of what’s currently good and what features may be on the horizon to make the game even better. Read on for the full interview!

1. With the launch came the new class – the Monk. How does the new class add to the previous class roster, and why did you decide to make it available as a starting class (rather than unlocked)?

Twin Saga: The Monk is an offensive melee class with somewhat higher HP and Haste than most classes. Monk attacks revolve around high true damage and buffs/debuffs when using combos. Compared to other melee classes, like the defensive Swordmaster and Paladin, or the pure DPS Rogue or Berserker, the Monk finds itself well balanced.

2. Do players need to multi-class and learn what combos are effective? Or can a player simply play from start to end as just one class and still have a positive experience?

Twin Saga: Players can totally play as a single class if they chose to do so. It is possible however to equip 2 Cross-Class abilities and, of course, being able to tank, heal and DPS always makes you a more rounded player.

3. Will it be harmful for players who are going from a DPS class like Paladin or Monk and switching to Cleric? Or does it matter less what the actual stats and skills are on your gear?

Twin Saga: It is not harmful in any way. Try different classes and see which one you are enjoying the most.

4. The new in-game zones are tied into the main story – but what can you tell us about their design and setting without spoiling the story?

Twin Saga: The new zones, due to their location and ties to the storyline, are pretty grandiose. Floating islands, rainbows, war and an epic castle… should we say more?

5. I love the Astral Stories! They’re like fun choose your own adventure stories where you get exp! Have you considered adding a function to let players leave their own Astral Stories in the world for others to find?

Twin Saga: It’s a good question, we already thought about it. We have been talking with the devs of the game about it, but at the moment we can’t promise anything.

6. Can you offer some insight into the newest senshi, the Empress of Snow?

Twin Saga: Lenna is a pretty sassy character. We hope that her storyline will provide a giggle or two. As a Senshi, she provides an ATK buff that definitely makes her very desirable.

7. It’s great seeing that a couple system has been added to the game. Are you thinking about also implementing a matchmaker for players who may need a little extra help in finding someone special in game?

Twin Saga: We cannot confirm if/when such feature could be available. For now, players can use our in-game chats or even forum and Discord to find a suitable partner in crime.

8. The game’s story is built around two Goddesses – but what about when all of that is resolved? Is there a plan going forward for new stories/new content for expansion purposes?

Twin Saga: Time will tell. We are sure that X-Legends has quite a lot in store for Twin Saga!

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