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Alliance of Valiant Arms Open Beta Starts Oct 14!

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IJJI finally confirmed today (October 5th) that their newest MMOFPS game Alliance of Valiant Arms, AVA for short, will begin its open beta phase on October 14th. For those who haven’t heard too much about Alliance of Valiant Arms – it’s a 3D tactical MMOFPS game that looks incredible. Graphically speaking, it’ll be on par with Huxley: The Dystopia – another MMOFPS by IJJI.

Personally, I’m looking forward to playing and reviewing AVA the day it hits Open Beta as the game looks quite awesome. According the GM on the IJJI forums that confirmed the open beta release date – the game is scheduled to ‘officially launch’ sometime in early November. MMOHuts should have the game fully reviewed though on the day it’s released!

The Original Press Release:

Hello AVA players,

As many of you are aware our CBT phase ended on 9/30/2009 We are happy to announce that it was a very successful Closed Beta! Thank you very much to those who participated. Without your help we would not be able to prepare AVA for its official release.

We are excited to show you guys even more of AVA during the Open Beta Test phase! This OBT phase will begin on October 14th, 2009 and will run until the service goes live sometime in early November.

Source: IJJI Forum GM

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