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The Alchemist Code x Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event

Alchemist CodexFFXV Crossover - image

A new collaboration for The Alchemist Code begins this week, starring the characters of Final Fantasy XV! Prince Noctis and his allies will be joining the cast of The Alchemist Code in an event that runs from July 5th through August 1st, and it’s time to take a ride across the continent of Babel with Noctis. Prompto will be a free summon by simply logging in during the collaboration period, and players will also have a chance to summon Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Aranea during this time frame. There will also be a collaboration quest, where Noctis and his companions stumble into Babel while escaping the Magitek Infantry of the Imperial Army. But without warning, a Knight from the Holy Guard unsheathed their sword and in defense, Prince Noctis did the same. What becomes of our friends from Eos? Find out! There will also be new Final Fantasy XV challenge m issions released during this period for unique rewards (Soul Shards) to limit break your Final Fantasy XV characters.

During this event, players can transmute and summon these iconic weapons and items, as seen in FINAL FANTASY XV, to unlock the Master Abilities of their characters:

  1. Noctis’s Sword of the Father
  2. Prompto’s Camera
  3. Ignis’s Zwill Crossblades
  4. Gladiolus’s Hardedge
  5. Aranea’s Stoss Spear

Transmute and equip this Job Equipment to level up unique FINAL FANTASY XV Jobs:

  1. Prompto’s GloveBandana and Fatigues
  2. Noctis’s Fatigues
  3. Gladiolus’s Fatigues
  4. Ignis’s Fatigues
  5. Aranea’s Helmet
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