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Age of Heroes begins in MapleStory

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The second update of MapleStory’s “Chaos,” the Age of Artisans, is now live.

The update adds a new crafting system, letting players find items around the world that they can combine in recipes to create new items and weapons. Players can use Smithing (armor/weapons), Alchemy (potions/pills), Accessory Crafting (belts, rings, etc), as well as Mining and Herbalism gathering skills. Some of these items will also be special “fluff” items, like the ability to create a potion which grows the player to a giant size.

A new personality trait system is also being introduced. Players can strengthen traits that include Ambition, Willpower, Insight, Diligence, Charm, and Empathy; these traits add special boosts that will help players with various tasks in game.

MapleStory is published by Nexon, which also publishes Mabinogi, Combat Arms, and Vindictus.

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A Work of Artisans

Weapon crafting and personality trait systems bring an all new flavor to MapleStory

“Chaos” is in full effect in MapleStory, the 2-D side-scrolling MMORPG from Nexon. Hot on the heels of the Age of Heroes Chaos content update, the Age of Artisans is the second major Chaos update to sweep Maple World.

The Age of Artisans brings an entirely new weapon and item crafting system to MapleStory. Players will now be able to pick up various items around Maple World that combine to form recipes to craft powerful items and weapons. Once a recipe is concocted, players can use the Smithing technique to create armor and weapons, Alchemy to craft potions and pills, and Accessory Crafting to make belts, rings and more. Mining and Herbalism techniques can also be used to gather more raw materials that enhance crafting skills.

In addition to the crafting system, a personality trait system is also part of the Age of Artisans update. This system will grant players the opportunity to further define their characters by strengthening various traits, including Ambition, Willpower, Insight, Diligence, Charm and Empathy. Each personality characteristic provides a distinct aid throughout quests or battles: Ambition and Willpower will help strengthen resolve; Insight will allow players to see items’ hidden potential; Diligence helps with masterful crafting; Charm allows players to enhance how they express themselves in-game and Empathy raises players’ MP and helps avatars gain EXP during quests.

Players should be on the lookout for unique crafting techniques that let them show off to fellow Maplers. For instance, alchemists will be able to create a potion that lets their avatar become enormous, while smiths will be able to create android sidekicks that aid them through daily quests.

Chaos events are also in full swing. Players can experiences various bonuses which include finding exclusive crafting recipes and experiencing increased chances to discover higher level items and crafting recipes.
More details about the Chaos summer update series will be announced in the coming weeks.

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