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AdventureQuest 3D Enters Open Beta

Artix Entertainment announced today that Open Beta testing has started for AdventureQuest 3D, its cross-platform MMORPG scheduled to release in Q4 2016. The Open Beta phase will allow players to test and offer feedback on AQ3D’s gameplay and its continuously evolving world.

Go here to create an AdventureQuest 3D account and download the game for PC/Mac or for mobile devices (iOS coming soon).

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  • Anon

    Maybe having it on steam might finally be a wake up call for them. The first day they went online on steam the game got trashed by gamers who expect a certain degree of effort from developers. I mean I like artix games myself but their quality of games and support went down during past 5-7 years in my opinion and if the steam reviews aren’t enough and the feedback from the artix entertainment official forums isn’t enough then idk what is but I wouldn’t recommand this game for PC unless you really want to use the PC it looks more better off on mobile devices in my opinion. But the paywalls are strong in this game and theres still a huge list of flaws being pointed out by alot of people which I think the whole playerbase hopes they fix at least most of them ASAP otherwise I don’t see this game being as popular as they hoped for in the longrun even though it’s cross platform.