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AdventureQuest 3D

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(28 votes, average: 3.25 out of 5)
This Game Is Supported On A Mobile Device

  • AHA

    #RIP AQ3D I just read the latest interview adam bohan did and I’m ashamed what AE is planning with AQ3D. First I’ve read they are planning weekly updates, and planning to put over 60+ classes in the game. I wanna say this game is gonna die fast if they keep continuing what they did in their previous games. Yeah weekly updates with content is nice but it’s extremely awful content like half of the times if not most it’s really short boring or pointless fillers but they do work on the saga not a majority of the time like most games you see do but they do work on the main saga like example it took 5 years for them just to finish the chaos saga on AQWorlds. Also just 1 week where it’s a war with some shops and nothing else and it’s really boring. And putting over 60+ different classes in AQ3D is gonna ruin it for alot of people because they can’t maintain the balance of all the classes since it’s 2 much work and the small size of their company doesn’t help. And it’s alot of work for them to do weekly releases especially on AQ3D so I wouldn’t be suprised if more of their games drop dead and sorry if this is a rant post.

  • AHA

    LMFAO they IP banned me on one of their review sites just because of construstive critism like this. I’m not trying to bash them but I’m trying to help out with telling it how it is with my plays and all the issues I’ve seen and how they can fix it.