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Act XIV soon to arrive in Dungeon Fighter Online

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Dungeon Fighter Online will face its fourteenth Act this week, as Act XIV: Delezie’s Nightmare (Part 1) will be released.

The update will add the new Ghost Train dungeon, where the new boss Pandemos Floo awaits. Also new will be Reshpon, the Village of Pain, where Delezie the Plagued Apostle waits to deform his enemies with a violent toxin.

The Emblem System will make its debut in the Act XIV update as well. These emblems drop from dungeons or can be purchased from Daphne, and range in grade, allowing players to enhance their equipment further with special stats or skill boosts. Heaven Party, a special new feature for high-level players, will randomly appear in select dungeons and give players a chance to obtain some rare Sacred Weapons, useable in battle or disassembly.

Dungeon Fighter Online is published by Nexon, which also publishes MapleStory and Vindictus.

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All Aboard the Ghost Train

Two new Ancient Dungeons, Emblem System and Heaven Party hit Dungeon Fighter Online

Halloween is serious business for Dungeon Fighter Online, the arcade-style massively multiplayer online game from Nexon. Act XIV: Delezie’s Nightmare Part 1 is the latest update to hit the game, giving players access to two new Ancient Dungeons, the Emblem System, and the Heaven Party, which gives lower level players an opportunity to try out some serious high-end weaponry.

Players will soon face an army of never-before-seen monsters in the Ghost Train dungeon, which is inhabited by ghosts looking to claim the souls of brave Dungeon Fighters. The hellish domain serves as home to the boss Pandemos Floo, a fearsome creature tied to a Seal of Destruction. Players can also explore Reshpon, Village of Pain, where a whole new militia of demons greet players to capture their souls. It is here that Dungeon Fighters will face Delezie the Plagued Apostle, a legendary boss who claims Reshpon as his eminent domain. But players be warned: Delezie’s prime attack is a toxin that spews from his body, deforming its enemies. If Dungeon Fighters are blessed enough from the high heavens to defeat this terrifying foe, myriad rewards will be bestowed upon them.

The Act XIV update will also allow players to boost their character’s stats with the Emblem System. The emblems can be found as drops in various dungeons or purchased from NPC Daphne. Emblems range from iron grade to platinum, depending on how much of a stat or skill boost it will give to an avatar. Players can also boost their stats by obtaining Sacred weapons from Heaven Party, a new feature which allows Dungeon Fighters to acquire various rare and untradeable weapons normally reserved for higher level players. Since the Heaven Party appears randomly in selected dungeons, players questing solo or with a party will have to be at the right place at the right time to get their hands on some exceptional weapons. Sacred weapons from Heaven Party can also be disassembled for materials which can then be used to purchase a class and level appropriate Heavenly Weapon Pot.

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