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ACE Online adds item dissolution

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ACE Online has launched its latest patch, adding Item Dissolution and a new tier of Slot Machine Weapons.

Item dissolution lets players convert unneeded items into Ion Particles. These can then be used to increase PET capabilities and healing items. The third tier of slot machine weapons also adds a new set of powerful and unique weapons for players to obtain.

ACE Online is published by Suba Games, which also publishes Metin 2.

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ACE Online releases new Item Dissolution system and Tier 3 Weapons!

Players can put more use into unneeded items and new weapon upgrades arrive in ACE.

TORONTO, ON May 21, 2011—The latest patch for ACE Online has arrived. The new Item Dissolution system as well as the 3rd Tier of Slot Machine weapons!

Item Dissolution gives players a new means of using their old junk or some of the other stuff that they pick up that does not have much use. Instead of selling them for almost no in-game currency, they can convert the useless items into Ion Particles which can be used to increase the capabilities of your PET as well as your healing items. As long as you can supply yourself with more and more particles, you can have an edge against the competition!

Also added with the new patch are the latest Tier of Slot Machine weapons! Always wanted to fight in style? These weapons offer another set of weapons for players to use in order to have their own unique style!

The only way you will see the latest additions to ACE Online is to join us now at Subagames!  Also, register on our forums as well as our facebook page to interact with other players and see the latest updates!

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