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Elsword’s Henir’s Space and Time Dungeon Gets Lanox Update

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces the launch of the new Henir’s Time and Space Update.

The expansive challenge that is Henir’s Time & Space gets revamped! One of the best things a hard core gamer can look forward to with any epic, side-scrolling brawler is an absolute, no holds barred boss rush. Enter: Henir’s Time and Space Dungeon. Glave, our eerily omniscient guide to all things intergalactic is about to thrust our heroes into a relentless battery of back-to-back boss fights. Henir’s Time and Space Dungeon functions in a similar manner to other Elsword Dungeons. However, each of the 30+ rooms of this enormous Dungeon is home to an individually wrapped boss monster. Players get up close and personal with almost each and every diabolical monstrosity that has plagued the denizens of Elrios in rapid succession. Except now, all of the disgustingly powerful and deviously ingenious bosses of Lanox get to come play whack-a-mole with Elsword’s heroes! Sound evil and wicked hard…? That’s because it is.

However, Glave likes to keep things interesting by putting some awesome events and rewards on the table. From a 2x’s Rewards Weekend Event, Exclusive items, Exclusive Titles, Henir’s Time and Space Dimension Cube NPC Cards, and the big bad One-Time Reward: Players who can stay alive for at least 10 minutes will receive a +10 Keeper of Time and Space Weapon Chest that rewards players with one weapon per character. Players have to act fast though, and get into to Henir’s Time and Space today. Because these weapons, much like the very essence of time and space itself won’t last forever.

Get full details and an image walkthrough guide on the updated systems on the official site.

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