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9Dragons Acclaim accounts to be restored

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In October, Acclaim shut down their servers for 9Dragons abruptly after announcing the game’s transfer to GamersFirst, with the new publisher hoping that they would be able to recover account data.

Today, GamersFirst has announced they’ve been able to restore characters above level 80 from Acclaim, and those characters can now be claimed on GamersFirst 9Dragons accounts. The characters had to be rebuilt from templates based on submissions from players, rather than transferred from Acclaim.

GamersFirst publishes many other MMOs including Knight Online, War Rock, and Hukumdar Online. They are also preparing to publish a free-to-play version of APB.

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9Dragons Brings Characters Back to Life!
GamersFirst Restores Content to Popular Martial Arts MMORPG

Irvine, Calif.–December 20, 2010 – 9Dragons, GamersFirst’ hit martial arts MMORPG today announced character restoration for players who played 9Dragons before the abrupt shutdown of the Acclaim servers in August of this year.

Based on thousands of character submissions, GamersFirst rebuilt characters that were above level 80 for 9Dragons players. Players that submitted requests can get directions and claim their characters at the following link:

“We are excited to finally be able to offer character restoration options for the 9Dragons community,” said David Demers, Associate Producer of 9Dragons at GamersFirst. “We want players to know that we appreciate their support during our transition. We have spent a large amount of time and effort processing and improving the template characters to get players back into the game without having to redo all their hard work from before.”

Those claiming characters will be guided through a simple process to retrieve their template character. Before beginning, gamers need to completely exit the 9Dragons client before beginning the restoration process.

Players can also learn more about the details of the 9Dragons character restoration on the forum post here:

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